Creating a Gmail account is easy!!!

Gmail is one of Google's most important commodities completely, and it is an email launched by the organization for the purposes of facilitating the electronic life of the user, and creating a Gmail account is characterized by its ease, as it is easy to use and a high degree of security, as it is characterized by saving time. One of the most unique things about it is also the opportunity to read the correspondences on the e-mail, whether they are connected to the Internet or not; This helps to facilitate the return of messages to the need for them in the absence of an Internet connection. Create a Gmail account
The steps for creating a Gmail account are as follows:

Make sure you have an internet connection, then context to your browser.

Go to Google.Com

Click on the Gmail option located in the upper corner of the screen.

Choose Create Account.

Fill out the required information in Arabic for the purpose of creating a Gmail account, except for the username, which must be in English.

Enter the password (Password) in the English language so that it is composed of letters, symbols and numbers.

Then click on Next.

Enter the phone number and select the country.

Enter an alternate email, to return to it in case the account is hacked or there is a problem logging in.

Continue to fill in the information, then click on the following.

Wait until entering the email list, and your Gmail Arabic account is ready to use.

Change language in Gmail
To give you the opportunity to create a Gmail account, the language settings used can also be converted to multiple languages, and this can be done as follows: Open Gmail.
Go to the upper corner on the left of the screen, and press the Settings icon.
Click on the language you want to use from the language section, as a list will drop down showing the list of languages ​​supported by the Gmail implementation.
Click on Save after making the selection.
Change the language of writing in a Gmail account
Some of the features and specifications that Gmail offers may be absent from the minds of a huge group of users. There is no doubt that the issue of establishing an account on Gmail in Arabic and the ability to convert the language as easily as possible is a gift. In addition to the above; It is necessary to identify the most important steps assigned to the method of converting a language in a Gmail account in Arabic, which are: 2

Go to Gmail account.
Click on the settings icon in the corner of the screen.
Choose the Language section, and select the language to be written in from the drop-down list.
Select languages by clicking on the boxes adjacent to each language.
Determine the type of keyboard you want.
Press OK.

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